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Reeling and Healing MidwestReeling & Healing Midwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is 100% donor-supported with a 100% volunteer staff, that champions fly-fishing wellness retreats for women battling and surviving cancer.

We are proud to share that Reeling & Healing Midwest is the only fully-licensed national charitable organization offering fly-fishing retreats for women with or surviving all types of cancer, championing retreat programs for men with cancer, and focusing efforts on care givers and survivors as well.


Our Mission

Reeling and Healing MidwestOur mission is to provide participants with a one-of-a-kind experience, on and off the river, which renews their spirit and hope through the elements of fly fishing, nature, peer coaching, positive camaraderie and support.


Our Promise

  • To honor the hearts our participants, volunteers, supporters and community.
  • To provide a social network of support
  • To honor the spirit
  • To honor the earth, its waters and life
  • To be 100% volunteer staffed
  • To be 100% donor supported
  • To offer a variety of retreat programs for women battling and surviving all cancers
  • To offer retreat programs for men battling and surviving all cancers
  • To offer a variety of volunteer opportunities
  • To be heart-centered with a firm foundation
  • To promote conservation and environmental awareness
  • To maintain our licensing, tax-exempt status and fiscal responsibility
  • To offer and support retreat programs for care givers, co-survivors, family and friends.
  • To have fun
  • To FISH ON!

Cathy Sero, President, Reeling & Healing Midwest


Contact Info

Reeling & Healing Midwest

4410 S. Sweetwater
Branch, MI 49402


1400 N. State Pkwy
Unit 8A
Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: 866-237-5725 /


In Their Own Words

"I met women who could relate to what I was going through. Suddenly I didn't feel so alone."